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March 4 @ the Station Cafe, 2010 (or was it ’09?)

There is a marked similarity between the Central American immigrant kid wearing the wannabe gangster attire who sat next to me on the 7 train last night staring at an ad for tech gadgets for 20 minutes and the head of personal trainers for Equinox who led the corporate orientation and waxed misty-eyed about how the members drive “Mercedes, Lexus’, even a Ferarri.”  They both seek material stuff and have the same look in their eyes: a coveting for wealth over substance that marks the first stages of serious addiction.                           These folks are progressive and conscious because it’s hip.  Their prime motivation is social acceptance and public perception.  

         “May You Be In Heaven an Hour Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”  –  Irish toast

Christ, I walked into this place with a ten and a few singles.  I had a bud & a shot of Jameson’s:  she took the ones and left the ten.  I had another Bud and the ten is still sitting there.

         Sweet God, I needed this.  Keep working, son.  But remember how much you need this.


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