New cocktail: Cherryo


1 ½ oz Kirschwasser (I used Hiram Walker, go better if you can afford it)
1 oz Cherry Heering (fka Peter Heering, I used to scour NYC area liquor stores for old bottles, due to the fact that the distributor had some beef with the importer, and no one gave a fuck about old brands back then, anyway)
1 oz tart cherry juice (I buy elite naturel, the stuff from Turkey readily available in most upper crust NYC supermarkets)
½ oz lemon juice (squeeze it or at least buy RealLemon)
(optional) couple dashes of club soda (this is an intense drink, not all cherry cheer, but a lot of seedy, pitty elements from the kirschwasser. You may want to thin it out a tad)
Shake well, serve on the rocks. Ponder the crisis in Ukraine


Rating a whiskey.


The taste of this whiskey: dust on an ancient volume of “The Canterbury Tales”;


swamp water you’ve been swimming through for an hour alone, not knowing where you are, never having felt so alive;


the shot your new ex just bought you, as she tearfully ended a long and meaningful relationship;


the taste in your mouth as you watched her walk away, accepting it, and wishing her well;


tap water, you swigged to clear the dryness, after committing to an irreversible choice that would alter your reality forever.


Good whiskey