CPR for old drinks: The Harlem Cocktail

I have nothing to say about the genesis if this drink, because I don’t know. I first got it from an old bartender book, started making it, started digging it. If you enjoy subtlety, enjoy the actual taste of gin, you’ll enjoy this (my version):

Harlem Cocktail:

2 oz of gin (I prefer a slightly heavy pour)

3 big (1-2 inch) chunks of fresh pineapple (the original calls for canned, I say we’re past that)

dash maraschino liqueur (Luxardo. A little goes a long way, so watch it).

Put ingredients in blender with several (4 large) ice cubes. Let ‘er rip for 10-20 seconds, pour into something you like drinking out of.

This drink has a nice clean taste, a good balance between the sweet/sour of the pineapple and the slightly bitter/something else of real Maraschino).

See you at the bar!Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 12.43.10 PM.png


Rating a whiskey.


The taste of this whiskey: dust on an ancient volume of “The Canterbury Tales”;


swamp water you’ve been swimming through for an hour alone, not knowing where you are, never having felt so alive;


the shot your new ex just bought you, as she tearfully ended a long and meaningful relationship;


the taste in your mouth as you watched her walk away, accepting it, and wishing her well;


tap water, you swigged to clear the dryness, after committing to an irreversible choice that would alter your reality forever.


Good whiskey